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men's egg night report! >:]

Hello everyone! :D genki?

This past Monday night was Men's EGG Night @ Tokyo's Club Atom!
part of Atom's 3 days of Halloween.

Needless to say, it was a blast!

All of Atom's resident trance DJs were there- Kaya, Ten, Tora, Ozawa.
Along with Piroyuki (DJ, part-time Men's EGG model, Peace On Mars designer, and Natsumi Yoshida's ex lolz).
So there was some ravin and para para goin' down.

Since the event was sponsored by salons: Hair Love JEWEL, UPSYDAISY, and ISM,
all of our favorite model boys got to have a hair show! :D
And since it was Halloween, they were all in costume.

Joy: Jack Sparrow (pure SEX btw)
Umeda (Umeshan): a spooky rocker guy..? not quite sure.
Daichi: a vampire
Yukihide: L from Death Note
Ryo: a lady..? haha he had to be my fav.
???: Naruto (couldn't make out who he was)
DJ Kaya: Superman

Anyways, all of the guys took turns coming out on stage with masks on.
After their hair was done, they would stand up and take off their cloaks and masks to reveal their costumes and identity! fun~!

After the show, they wandered around the club.
I was able to meet Joy, who happens to be my favorite, introduce myself and express my gratitude for his hard work and...hotness?
My friend found Daichi, her favorite, and did the same.

I also managed to find Tsubasa Masuwaka. I'm sure most of you are familiar with her.
If not, she's the girl on the cover of Popteen November (also the girl in my icon, lol).
Not too surprising, since Umeshan was there. Never too far apart, those two x]
I saw a few other EGG models, like Buhi-chan and girls whose names I can't recall at the moment.

I attempted to take pictures with my cell phone.
I apologize that the quality is no good. They were also taken rather quickly since security kept telling me to put it away.

all the boys lined up

"L" aka Yukihide gettin' down on stage

Umeshan > Ryo > Daichi (Ryo makes a hot woman!)


Daichi! DJ TEN in the back as Snow White

Tomohiro assisting the DJs (Piroyuki was Snow white too :])

my FAVORITE picture of the night.
DJ Ozawa layin' down some psy trance. dramatic!

I also took a small video...

Hope you enjoyed :D

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