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Because I haven't posted in a while

A few things!

Hi I am Miika by the way, if people forgot/don't know me haha! So next week I go to Japan. I am starting in Tokyo but will go on to Osaka aka the land of Gyaru-o. It will be fun, and you might want to check out Vlogs that I will be posting while I travel. They will be up on a new blog address that I will post once I'm not completely busy with arrangements. @_@

I came across the newest issue of Men's Egg and was surprised to see Hikaru (from GVs) on the cover. But I think it's kind of cool that that doesn't even matter anymore. But still made me lol I won't lie.

Also I have a new pic of me to post as I am basically just excited about my shirt.

Shirt: Reason

Necklace: Custom by Coup Coup

Two robots in some epic space battle makes anyone happy to wear on their shirt.

Oh and there are other new photos (from actual photoshoots) on my myspace but nothing beats a self-snapshot haha.

What do you guys think about the future of gyaru-o? It seems to be breaking away more and more from the Senta-gai aspect and getting darker clothing colors, pointier shoes, and more masculinized qualities instead of boyish. Just curious to know. Ok that's all!
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