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*waves* to my already-friends and to my future-friends XD 
Im Aki, living in Osaka. Yea I've been to a host club already and I wana go to more. Anyone out there able to come with me?

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Ive been to Club Hatch http://www.host2.jp/shop/hatch/
Most of the guys are hot, but some are not XD
The Club itself looks so nice and stylish.
The price was ariight too.

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Yea ariight^^ OR I might go to Tokyo lol. I went to Kabukicho last year and it truly is heaven on Earth!! I was in shock by how many hot guys I saw!!
In Osaka, the hotties are in Namba but they are rarely out on the street, they all hide away in their little clubs *cries*
In Club Hatch, I recommend Kotaro. He is ADORABLE and speaks a bit of English too!!
I'm in Osaka from the 12.10 till the 17.10 .. then back in Tokyo.

Wanna meet up? *laugh*
When? October? That sooo far!! But okie we can meet^^
sorry .. wasn't online for a longer time ..
.. working + bandpractise and your day is full .. ^^"

Time goes by really fast .. so yeah ..
.. how does we wanna hold contact ?
Msn? Or I can email u my number and keitai email.
Untill October,, do u have any cute guys u can intro me to? XD
Yeah, i've msn !
Do you have me your adress ? (msn)

any cute guys .. hm ..
.. only my best friends which comes from europe with me to osaka ^^"
he's an european-guy .. not bad looking ... and he's single XD" ..
LoL I want Japanese host boys XD
And I posted my msn on your LJ