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fashion of royalty

Shibuya Kings ☆*゜
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welcome to SHIBUYA KINGS.
a community dedicated to the ギャル男 (gyaruo) and お兄系 (oniikei)
clothing style and lifestyle (most prominent in the Shibuya, Tokyo area).
anything related to these things can be shared here. gals and guys are
both very welcome to join. and most of all - have fun and be sexy ☆☆☆

(side note: not all posts are public. you'll need to join in order to see scans, etc.)

☆ when posting images, one preview picture is allowed, the rest
should go behind a cut. keep the preview picture a reasonable size.
☆ have a good attitude. no one likes drama queens (or kings).
☆ no porn/nudity/etc. let's keep this place clean please.
☆ community advertising is allowed only if it is in some way
related to gyaruo/oniikei/etc.

maintained by

please send any questions/concerns to us.
if interested in helping mod, give us a nudge.



let kujane know if you wish to ally with us☆☆

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