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Onii-kei Rakuten Shops that ship Overseas! [13 Oct 2009|11:19am]

Rakuten recently set up a service to ship internationally, and here's some shop links I found that are currently accepting orders from overseas:

MAYHEM: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/mayhem-041/
ACCEL SPUNKY: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/accel-86/
TRAMS (There's gyaru brands too, for girls): http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/trams/
CRAZE SHOP: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/craze-shop/
M-STYLE: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/m-style-store/
JIGGY'S SHOP: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/jiggys-shop/
FAKE OUT: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/fakeout/
Gold Stage: http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/goldstage/
TOKYOMEN'S COLLECTION: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/auc-tmc/
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mah onii-kei style [20 Sep 2008|10:41pm]

 heallo ya all! I'm kinda new to the whole onii-kei thing, but i'm trying to improve my style all the time! Your comments will be appreciated!

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picture post ♪ [29 Jul 2008|01:57am]

I just wanted to show you some recent pictures!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Meeting [25 Jul 2008|01:41am]


*waves* to my already-friends and to my future-friends XD 
Im Aki, living in Osaka. Yea I've been to a host club already and I wana go to more. Anyone out there able to come with me?

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various stylez [24 May 2008|04:39am]
I tried some various looks and styles and took some photos. Hope you like them. Hair isnt that good on photos, in real it looks MUCH better than on photos.

here you go...Collapse )

comments are welcome :D
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Because I haven't posted in a while [23 May 2008|01:39am]

A few things!

Hi I am Miika by the way, if people forgot/don't know me haha! So next week I go to Japan. I am starting in Tokyo but will go on to Osaka aka the land of Gyaru-o. It will be fun, and you might want to check out Vlogs that I will be posting while I travel. They will be up on a new blog address that I will post once I'm not completely busy with arrangements. @_@

I came across the newest issue of Men's Egg and was surprised to see Hikaru (from GVs) on the cover. But I think it's kind of cool that that doesn't even matter anymore. But still made me lol I won't lie.

Also I have a new pic of me to post as I am basically just excited about my shirt.

Shirt: Reason

Necklace: Custom by Coup Coup

Two robots in some epic space battle makes anyone happy to wear on their shirt.

Oh and there are other new photos (from actual photoshoots) on my myspace but nothing beats a self-snapshot haha.

What do you guys think about the future of gyaru-o? It seems to be breaking away more and more from the Senta-gai aspect and getting darker clothing colors, pointier shoes, and more masculinized qualities instead of boyish. Just curious to know. Ok that's all!
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Ikemen Areki XD! [22 May 2008|07:12pm]

[ mood | ^^ ]

Kyaa! Plz take a look at my outfit and plz give me you`re opinion about it XD.

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Hair Tutorial [27 Apr 2008|08:57pm]

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[scans] men's egg vol.102, march 2008 [22 Feb 2008|11:40pm]
Hello! I scanned most of men's egg pages (march 2008 issue), if you're interested, plz GO TO MY LJ for more scans(^-^;

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Hey Everyone! [24 Jan 2008|03:25pm]

[ mood | excited ]

It's my first time posting- I was really excited to find the community! My name is Miika- I just realized recently my "unique" style is actually very relative to Gyaru-o :P so yeh just saying hi!! And I would post a pic here but I'm too pale from winter! haha Check out my LJ or myspace though :D I want to get to know more people in this style.


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men's egg night report! >:] [31 Oct 2007|07:05pm]

Hello everyone! :D genki?

This past Monday night was Men's EGG Night @ Tokyo's Club Atom!
part of Atom's 3 days of Halloween.

Needless to say, it was a blast!

report and pics!Collapse )

I also took a small video...

Hope you enjoyed :D

x-posted to ganguro
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Onii-kei outside of Japan [09 Oct 2007|08:32pm]

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone knew any brands and/or websites that sold clothes/accessories that would be considered onii-kei that were outside of Japan?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Onii-kei Online Shop that SHIPS OVERSEAS!! [08 Oct 2007|07:33pm]


So I just contacted the company, and they said that as long as you spend 30,000yen and over worth of clothes, they will ship overseas to you.
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VANQUISH x BABYCAKE: Get ready for cuteness!! [09 Aug 2007|03:32pm]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yep. Vanquish just released their own collaboration line of Onii-kei DOG clothing!
More info is here: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ceno/869793/874332/

BTW, this is my first post on here. Hi my name is Dom or D~tan, whichever you'd like to call me. 17 turning 18 next month, and I follow gyaru fashion and I like to dance ParaPara/TechPara. I like Onii-kei fashion because I like to help my friends pick out clothes and actually enjoy taking trips to 109 MEN'S with them and looking at online Onii-kei shops to help find clothes.
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funny [03 Aug 2007|11:04am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Engrish + Onii = ♥

a few more...Collapse )

The first one is my personal fav.

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exciting! [06 May 2007|02:33pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Wired Magizine - MAY 2007

WOW gyaru-o gettin major popular!

i forgot if im supposed to mark entries as friends only..if so let me know and i will. ^_^ thanks


will be x posted :)

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News + 1 year anniversary! [23 Mar 2007|11:20am]

[ mood | good ]

Hi! Your friendly mod inoru here.
Just wanted to give a big shout out to our favorite place - 109-2!

It's officially been one year since the men's department's grand opening.

May there be many more years to come!
Congrats and happy anniversary guys!

(view more HERE.)


If anyone's interested, here's the link to Shibuya's CLUB ATOM.
This is where it all happens kids.

ALSOx2 -

Let's hear a round of applause for our first affiliate!

So, if you have the time, go and show some love to the lovely ladies over at kogal_panel!

I think that's about all for now so,
I'm out!
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イケメン好き [22 Mar 2007|11:03am]
I know almost everyone here loves IKEMEN. ikemen_suki
So I have decided along with hyd3kyouketsukito make a community just for them....♥


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[21 Mar 2007|01:17pm]
Has anyone heard about LAGUST BY LIP SERVICE?



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Men's Egg 01/2007 [20 Mar 2007|12:02pm]

i was very surprised and happy to have discover this com 2 days ago. I did some scans of my Men's Egg and i decided to share it with everyone. This mag is all about oniikei and gal-o (gyaru-o), but mostly gal-o. my personal fav is oniikei, more sober. this mag is also great for a good laughs. includes street snap. Hope you enjoy it.

please credit if using.
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